The Old School

A High Elf army collected by Torben

Toriel Dawnstar


The 2 mages on foot


Reaver knights


Shadow warriors




Royal Archers



The Old School

I think everyone remembers their first army - not the first models they started collecting, but the first time they features a fully painted, fully based army with movement trays, banners and everything.

My old High Elves is my first completed army, and though it is a bit...rough around the edges, it's still my first!

It was completed back in 4th edition Warhammer - the rules were a bit different then, and because my gaming group was (and some would say we still are) a bit...high on the power-gaming scale... I remember it as an army full of heroes ladden with magic items.


The Hero

The army is commanded by the general - Toriel Dawnstar. He is usually a cavalry commander, but he sometimes dismount and fights on foot (as shown on the picture), depending on the tactics. He has fought many battle and has actually never died - he has fallen in battle a few times, but we have a small campaign system, allowing fallen characters to see if they survive - a roll of 4+ after the battle. He is still worth his victory points of course, but he is then allowed to fight in the next battle too!

The Models

A lot of the models are old - meaning 4th edition high elves and also a lot of 3rd edition elves. I started buying 24 spearmen, 30 archers and 24 warriors with 2 hand weapons (those were legal back then). They all had certain helmets and armor (which you will see when I have the chance to take and upload all the pictures) and they form the core of the army. Then a lot of other troops have been added, including 2 units of Silverhelms, a unit of Dragonprinces, a big unit of Swordmasters and a unit of Reaver knights. Also an array of Bolt throwers (I actually got 8 because they were 50 points a piece (and no save and rank penetration on multiple shot!) back then) chariots and a lot of other models.

I have not added to the army for years.

The Colors

The color scheme is green/blue with silver and gold from the armor and weapons of the elves - blue and green is perhaps not the most suitable color combination, but it does give the elf army a dark, somewhat unique look. Most models are only painted the basic colors and then given a quick wash - this adds to their dark look, which I saw fitting for an army of elves marching for war - they are not doing it because they like it, but because they have to - and therefore it is a dark, sinister thing.

If I had to do it over today I would probably have chosen a different color scheme - maybe a blue and purple or green and purple scheme..

The Tactics

Even though the rules are currently 6th edition and the models lurk in the top two hard-to-reach shelves of my cabinet, once in a white the 'old school' marches to war - it happens very rarely, but when they come out to teach the armies from the 'new' lists a lesson, I usually try to play it 'the old way' - meaning that every character is ladden up til magic items (though these days, frostblades, black amulets and crowns of command are hard to come by) and the army is filled with chariots and bolt throwers - sometimes it works - sometimes it doesn't.

I am planning on doing a battle with a flash report written soon - so watch this site.

The Princes

The unit of Dragonprinces is 6 man strong - they include a standard bearer, but unfortunately not a champion or musician model - this is because i haven't found models suitable for this - or rather - I don't have any in my collection. 2 of the princes are equipped with old-style 'banshee shields' and the rest with the ordinary metallic shields that I have used throughout the army.

On the battlefield they are used as a unit on their own, due to their (reasonably) high leadership, og they take up 'bodyguard duty', protecting the Prince.

The Battle

You can read a battle report (written as fiction) featuring the army here.

The Project

The army is larger than the few units shown - I just haven't had the time to take pictures of all of them, but will hopefully do it soon. But I am planning on touching up the army - highlighting the elves so they can stand up to a close inspection. So far, only a single Reaver (the fiery-haired guy) and 10 archers (which has been promoted to 'Royal Archers' in a tribute to the 3rd edition warhammer armies book) has been highlighted (and that was a year ago), but someday I just might find the time to bring them up to standard.