The Final


Torben So, it is that time of the year again. It seems like it was yesterday. The happy faces of the children, the singing, the presents.... No - I am not talking about Christmas - I am talking about the Copenhagen Warlords tournament. It seems like just yesterday the first Final was fought, but here we are again.

Pete the Slayer has once again organized a great tournament - and like last year, the games were played in people's own livingrooms, the opponents chosen in a league-like manner.

Everyone brought their favorite army and played at least 5 games. It all culminated in the play-offs, that worked a lot differently this year - instead of the usual Eigths-Quarters-Semis-Finals that we know from last year (and other sports, like Tennis), the Top 16 this year was three rounds of 'inverted Swiss' - meaning that Nr. 1 after the first rounds played against nr. 16, 15 and 14. At least I think it worked like that.

You see, I joined the tournament this year, and hoped for a top spot, of course. Even though I have had some success with my Tomb Kings, I seem to play draws against most people in tournaments. My tactic of having 2 large horseman units and then combining a charge from one of those with a 'deal-damage' unit worked fine - the combined charge of horsemen and King in chariot, Scorpions, Bone Giants, Ushabti and what-not worked fine. In theory. And in my head. And when I told people about it.

I'll not go into the details of my games, suffice to say that I ended up in the unenviable position of nr. 17... and the top 16 went to the final rounds. So I missed out by 1 tournament point - which is not a lot (10 points on the line in each game, and I fought 5)..

Anyway, you are not here to read about how I underperformed, you are here to read the report on the Final. The two top armies against each other. Michael Vedel and Martin Skummelkrat.

Skaven against Vampire Counts - what a surprise. As anyone who knows something about tournament Warhammer is aware off, Skaven and Vampire Counts are two of the best tournament armies out there.

The Skaven with their Horde combined with their new-found ability to field Ratling Guns, fire Warp Lightning and tunelling has proved a tough nut to crack for many armies. And the Vampire Counts are always difficult to play against - 1 mistake will usually cost you a unit, maybe the game - often both!.

So with no further talk, here's the tournament organiser, our local pusher - you may recognize him 8).

Nice Picture, isn't it?



Pete the Slayer Copenhagen Warlords is a different kind of tournament. This is the second time I have done it, and it has been a great success both times. The tournament works like this: Players are matched up randomly by me, and then the players are responsible for playing the game before a deadline. People play games in their own homes or clubs and send the results to me by E-mail. Then all I have to do is collect the results of the matches and keep track of the points.. In total 8 games were played, and then a finale between the two top contenders were held, with the other participants watching and enjoying a few beers. This battle report shows the outcome of the final.



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