Pre-Battle Preparations

Doctor Before the Battle could start, there were some thing to take care off.

Open House

First, we needed a place to play! There were talk about playing in Games Workshop in Copenhagen, like last year - but it was decided that the final should rather be played in one of the player's home - and Martin was nice enough to let his home become a battlefield - so we played there! His gaming table is up to standard - the measurements are correct - only it's not painted 8(. Not a big problem, though, it would just have to be a desert battlefield. That went well with my Tomb Kings being knocked out of the tournaments, so I wrote a background story (that you have probably already wondered about) with the Mummy looking down from his Pyramid.

A Battle Between Gentlemen

Next, the players agreed on the close combat rules - or rather, charging rules. There are a couple of different ways that are usually played - they agreed on 'Gentlemen's Solution' - meaning that the charger would try to maximize models from both sides when charging in.

I find this to be the most reasonable - it avoids the silly 'clipping'-situations, but also allows for some movement-sneakyness.


As always, spells were rolled for before the battle. Martin had 3 spellcasters, a Vampire Count and two level 2 necromancers (named 'Kimmler' because the model is the old Heinrich Kemmler model (and naming him 'Kemmler' would not be innovative, so 'Kimmler' it is - a subtle difference!) and 'Necro' because - well, it's a Necromancer). He joked about getting 1+5 for each of them (being Invocation of Nehek and Van Hell's Dance Macabre) - but his luck was more 'ordinary' - he got:

Vampire Count: 2 (Hand of Dust) and 4 (Gaze of Nagash) - Swapped to 1 (Invocation) and 4 (Gaze of Nagash).

Kimmler: got 1 (Invocation) and 6 (Curse of Years)

Necro: got 1 (Invocation) and 5 (Van Hell's Dance Macabre)

So 3 Invocations (predictably), 1 Van Hell's, 1 Gaze of Nagash and 1 Curse of Years. Curse of Years is (in my opinion) the 'Timmy' spell of Warhammer - and I doubt it would be useful against the Skaven (or rather - the other spells are likely to have a greater effect at any given moment in the game) - but you never know.....

The Skaven Warlock Engineers do (as usual) not roll for spells - Instead those are bought for the - Vedel had upgraded both his Warlocks, so they could each fire the big 2D6 S5 Warp Lightning spell , with 3 dice.

Dragon Tales

As the players got ready to start, a lot of onlookers had arrived. There was mainly talk about two things. First, the danish national football team had done quite well the day before and played 0-0 with Italy, so naturally, 10 guys gathered would talk about that.

Second, the talk was centered around a certain danish Warhammer player of some renown, who had played the final in a different tournament (2MD open I think?!) the day before - and had moved his 2nd generation Slann out right in front of a Dragon, thinking the Slann had US 8 and could hold up the Dragon for a turn or two, setting up a Kroxigor flank charge. As the Dragon charged in, he realized that the Slann only had Unit Strength 5 and therefore was Outnumbered by the Terror-causing Dragon, that dutifully caused a few wounds on the Frog, autobroke it and ran it down. Game Over. In the Final.

A couple of notes on Flash

As always, I made some things different from the last report (the Settra Invitational I) - I have only written on the map if the Psychology tests taken had some influence on the battle - so all the passed panic tests, fear tests and so on are not cluttering up the map - only the failed/critical ones.

Also because the battle is smaller than the last, I haven't written the 'Charge' tags on the units as they charge. The battle is just a normal 2000 points game, so it should be easy to follow anyway.

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