Choosing the Skaven Army

Michael Vedel

Torben It's the summer holidays, and I am afraid that Vedel has left to somewhere exotic without giving me the reasons why he chose what he did 8(. It's not a big deal - because Vedel was in the first Copenhagen Warlords final, and his army is almost the same - you can see what he chose here. You can see another one of his armies ( for the Settra Invitational I) here.

On top of that, I had a little chat with Vedel about his army before the game. We compared the army to his Warlords I army (the one with the link above) and he told me that the most important change was that he had made his Jezzail Teams into one unit, leaving room for two gutter runner tunnel teams. This was because he expected to go up against High Elves and Empire in the final games of the tournament.

He always includes the Plague Monks with the Plague Priest along with the Censer Bearer team. I asked him whether he was going for a combat Warlord - he just laughed and said he would rather save the points and have a general that he was certain couldn't do anything in close combat, rather than spend the points and find out that the little rat fluffs his attacks anyway and gets eaten by a big opponent.

Guess that's a very Skaven way of looking at it....

Martin and Vedel also told me that they were sort of the same - both had found an army that worked for them, tactically and hobby-wise, and they stuck to it, because the army seemed to perform well and was fun to play. Vedel also liked how he could do something in every phase of the game - Move around, Magic things to death, Shoot things to death and say 'I got +5 in combat result' in the close combat phase.

14/7/04 I have now recieved the documents from Vedel. Here they are.

Choosing the Skaven army

Vedel As Torben already has said, then I have been on vacation for the last couple of weeks, and on account of that my part of this battle report is a little delayed. Sorry about that.

I think the army I have chosen for the final games in the Copenhagen Warlords tournament is a very strong tournament army. Skaven is one of strongest armies in the game, and by now I think I have played about 200-300 games with 6th edition Skaven. That means that the armies I choose for tournaments are very similar to each other. In Denmark we have a pretty hard army-selection system, meaning that almost everytime there is a tournament, it is the system that decides which army to bring. And this is also the case in Copenhagen Warlords. There wasn’t a lot of restrictions in Copenhagen Warlords, but some of them meant a lot for my army.

First of all Skaven had to give 200 vp away before the game started, along with VC Strigoi, 'Chaos Undecided' and Empire with Steam Tank. Skaven could avoid this by taking less than 3 Clan Skryre inspired choices in their army, but with less than 3 Clan Skryre choices I think it would be impossible to make an hard-hitting Skaven army. So I went for -200 vp in every game in the tournament and I think it was worth it even though I lost a couple of battle points on account of that.

It should also be mentioned that you couldn’t have more than 2 of the same choice other than core infantry. That meant that I was only allowed to field two Warlock Engineers. And so I did ! One of them armed with 2 dispel scrolls, and the other with a dispel scroll and Stormdeamon. I usually prefer to play with a Warlord instead of a Grey Seer, because I think he is more valuable in the kind of Skaven army I usually bring. I often give him The Twisted Crown of The Horned Rat, which gives him Regeneration, but this time I choose not to do it, because many of the opponents I would face would expect me to field it. That meant that my warlord would be feared even though I hadn’t got the item.

The final restriction that mattered to me was that I couldn’t duplicate more than one special choice. So I brought along two regiments of tunnelling teams, because I knew I had to face two empire armies in the final-round. And then I brought a large regiment of 10 jezzails. This regiment is very vulnerable to shooting and magic, but has other great advantages in their unit strength and stand and shoot with 10 BS 3 STR 6 weapons. It was a bit risky by taking such a large unit with, but I think they were worth it in the end.

The rest of my army was pretty standard. A Plague Priest with 4+ ward save because of Warpstone Amulet to lead the Plague Monks + Plague Censers. 3 regiments of both Clanrats, Slaves and Night Runners. A single Rat Swarm and 3 Giant Rat Packs + Warp Lightning Cannon. This was all I could bring in my army, and it was not much I changed through the tournament, and I think the army has been working against every enemy I have meet.

Michael Vedel

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The Skaven army in all it's glory.

The Skaven characters, flanked by the two Ratling Guns - I'm not sure which is more dangerous!.