This battle is a 2000 point pitched battle between Empire (played by Martin) and Tomb Kings (played by myself) .

We fought the battle as a test battle prior to an upcoming local tournament (Giant Fanatic 6) which used a set of special rules - After the battle, you and your opponent looks through your army lists and compare 5 different things - each can be worth 200 victory points. So a very 'fair' army would get 1000 victory points against a very 'unfair' one.

The 5 different things to compare are described under Tomb King army selection (as I had them in mind when choosing the army) so I'll not waste space on them here.

Furthermore, even though we played a pitched battle, the deployment is a little different. First, we rolled to see who starts the game (attacker) and then he deploys half of his army (defender chooses side) - then the defender deploys half his - then the attacker deploys the rest and finally the defender deploys the rest of his. This should be clear in the battle report.


So, a regular monday around 10am in a my small appartment in Vanløse, a contingent of Empire troops tried to stop the ancient dead from their evil workings. Who would win?

NOTE: If you are having running a low Resolution (so you can't see the whole map or have to scroll all the time, try opening 'deployment' in a new window (right-click on the link and choose 'open in new window')

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