Doctor: Copenhagen Warlords was a local league-like tournament, played during the summer and autumn of 2003. I could not attend myself (due to a long vacation I was away most of the summer) but that didn't stop me from following the action as the rounds went by.

Then, after many battles, the 2 finalists were found, and the game was to be played in the Games Workshop store in Copenhagen. I talked to Peter, the guy in charge, and we agreed (meaning that I suggested it and he said 'why not') that it would be suitable for a final like this if a battle report was written. I have earlier experimented with Flash and have written a couple of reports, so I decided to do it again instead of an ordinary report.

So I showed up, armed with a notebook and a digital camera (the staff allowed me to take pictures in their store - always ask first!) and the following pages are the result of the effort. I hope you enjoy it, and feedback is appreciated - either on the Goblins Lair (danish) or WPS forum (english) or directly on e-mail.

The game was a 2000 points affair, fought between a High Elf army and a Skaven army (I especially like this, since I own a large High Elf army myself and has just started collecting Skaven!). The players had to use the same armies as the one they had been using throughout the knock-out stages of the tournament, so no tweaking before the final!

I also took the liberty of writing a fluff story - based on Draganiel, a seasoned high-elf commander, who has fought his way through many foes and at the cost of many elven lives to finally reach a sacred burial ground, only to find it infested with ratmen!

Anyway, enough of this, lets get to the action!

Peter “the Slayer” Krog-Meyer: What is Copenhagen Warlords? Well, it is much like a regular Warhammer tournament. But instead of playing a bunch of games over the weekend, you play only one game every 14 days and continue to do so for many months. Sounds strange huh!

To start from the top, I wanted to do a tournament, but I did not have the space og terrain to invite loads of people to play. In fact most people only have one gaming table. So I figured the tournament would need to be played over a longer period of time in the players own homes. And that Idea plus my trusty E-mail account was all I needed to create Copenhagen Warlords.

The players all gave me their E-mail adresses. I drew straws to see who would fight who, and notified everyone by E-mail. Then it was the players own responsibility to set up their games, battle it out, and E-mail the results to me. They had 14 days to do so, and then I would draw new opponents for every one, and it all started over again. The results of each game were converted to tournament points and therefore it was easy for me to keep track of who was leading the race and so on. After 5 rounds of gaming (10 weeks plus a few delays) I had a final list of scores. Of the 35 players participating, the top 16 would qualify for a knock-out cup. The rest were out of the tournament. More rounds were played 'cup-style', where the loser of each game was out of the tournament, while the winner would move on to duke it out with an even tougher opponent. Again players had 14 days to play their games. In the end only two players were left. The final was played with lots of people watching (Doctor: And a flashing camera in their face!) and what a great game it was. But besides the final, all other games had been played without the normal “tournament pressure”. No time limit. No audience. Just a chance to meet new people for a game of Warhammer.

On a side note, the tournament had the following rules for scoring points and restrictions to army selection:

Victory Points Difference Result Tournament Points
0-299 - Draw - 1 point each
300-599 - Minor victory - 2 points for the winner, 0 for the loser
600+ - Solid victory/massacre - 3 points for the winner, 0 for the loser

-Armies were at 2000 points.
-No special characters or stuff from Albion.
-No more than 9 power dice could be used in one turn.
-No more than two of the same choice could be included in the army. This did not apply to core infantry units.

Oh yes, and you have to live in or close to Copenhagen. Players obviously need to come from the same area.

Looking back, the tournament was great fun to arrange even if I had to write a LOT of E-mails. The players had fun too from what I hear, so I suspect that this will not be the last Copenhagen Warlords.

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