Pre-Battle Preparations

Multiplayer Battle

In Settra, we have invented a Multiplayer rule called 'shared general' - If each army just uses it's general as normal (so within 12" you can use his leadership), we just ended up with 2 armies fighting side-by-side. So in the right half of the table army A would be and in the left army B. To get around this and get the real multiplayer feel (with units mingled) we made the rule that: Any regiment within 12" of any allied general can use that general as if it was it's own (providing that own general still lives). So always the LD of their own general, not the allied general.

So a regiment of High Elves could use a friendly Empire general as if it was the elf general - meaning the Elf generals LD.

2 Armies? 1 Army?

The Skaven and Dark Elves made 2 x 2.500 points - each it's own army, within the rules and restrictions.

The Vampire army was meant to be 2 x 2.500 points too - but they ended up making one big 5.000 points army (obviously they were not allowed duplicates of magic items), but they only used the 8 character slots allowed in 2 x 2.500 points. However they forgot to only include 4 rare-choices and had 5. It was not such a big deal (a single banshee), so I let them have it.

Also, they needed to have 2 generals, each with roughly 2.500 points. So before the battle they allocated half the army (pointswise) to Ramul - half to the Count. They did it pretty fast, and think the ghouls were all allocated to the Count - meaning they could only use his Leadership of 9 (even if they were within 12" of the Lord - because of the 'Shared General' rule above).

In case one of the generals died, they would need to roll Crumble for that part of the army.

Dispel Magic Scrolls, Magic Levels and other Friendliness

The general agreement was to keep the battle 'friendly' - after all, this was not a tournament game. One area that frequently causes a bit of friction is the Magic - too much magic is not considered 'friendly', as are too many dispel scrolls. The teams had talked beforehand about how much magic they would include and I was told that they agreed on 3 dispel scrolls as the maximum. Unfortunately, Vedel thought that Peter would not include any magic (so he took 3 scrolls) and Peter (I am not sure he was aware that a 'deal' had been made) included a scroll caddy (with 2 scrolls). It didn't come up until mid-game, where it was too late to do much about it. Other than that, the teams pretty much hit the same level of 'competitive-ness' (if such a word exists).

Setup and Who goes first

The standard 'one entry at a time' setup is a bit tedious when deploying 2 x 5.000 points, so we used the 'Attacker/Defender' setup that has become normal here in danish tournaments. First, you roll off to see who is Attacker and who is Defender. The Defender chooses table edge. The Attacker sets up half his army, then the Defender sets up half of his. Then the Attacker sets up the rest and finally the Defender sets up his remaining army. The Attacker goes first.

So when setting up, both players know who goes first and can set up accordingly - but the defender has the advantage of not having to set up the important parts of his army until the attacker has deployed his entire army.

Terrain Placement

I had set up the terrain, (being neutral and all that) and I took pictures of the armies - the pictures you see in the description of each army.

Rolling Spells

There were quite a number of spellcasters, so after a flurry of dice-rolling, the spells were:

Dark Elves

Sorceress rolled 2 + 4 - made it 1 + 2 so she had Chill Wind and Doom Bolt - both were magic missiles, Chillwind being D6 S3 hits and Doombolt being D6 S 5 hits. Spell number 4 was 'Life Stealer' - a fun spell (S3 hit on every model in enemy unit) but with a very short range..


Grey Seer rolled 1+4+5+6 - Vedel thought it was the second-worst he could roll (the worst being 1+3+4+5). So he had Skitterleap (not much use here), Pestilent Breath (the flaming template - S3 hits), Death Frenzy (target friendly unit gets frenzy) and Plague (Toughness test or take a wound on every model in regiment - can jump to nearby units). That meant that he didn't have Warp Lightning and Vermintide, 2 of the more 'direct-damage' type of spells.

Warlock Engineers These guys don't roll for spells - instead they 'buy' their lightning. Vedel had (as always) upgraded both, so they could fire 2D6 S5 hits.

Vampire Counts

Ramul Morag the Lord rolled 1+2+6 - so he had Invocation ('the Raise spell'), Hand of Dust (replaces normal attacks - makes 1 attack, kills if it hits) and Curse of Years (roll a die for each model in enemy unit - on a 6 they take a wound - stays in play) - 2 good spells and one very poor (hehe take a guess at which spell they thought was poor for the Vampire Lord).

Doóqra the Count rolled 1+5 - so he (she?) had Invocation and Van Hells Dance Macabre (allows a friendly (undead) unit to move 8"). So they were very happy with that (that is about as good as it gets).

Daroslaw the necromancer rolled 5 + 6 - made it 1+5 so he also had Invocation and Van hells.

Kaftyr another necromancer rolled 2 and 6 - was swapped to 1 and 6, so he had Invocation and Curse of Years.

Finally, Galuza the last necro rolled 2 and 6 too - again, it was swapped for 1 and 6 like Kaftyr.


So the Vampires had 2 x Van Hells Dance Macabre along with the Book of Arkhan (making it 3), 3 x Curse of Years and no less than 5 x Invocation of Nehek - Pretty scary....

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