Burning Hatred!



Arhh, I love warhammer, especially team challenges - which are the most fun IMO, and this time we were going to play an epic battle between the forces of evil and... hmm... well - evil I guess.

Klaus and I knew our opponents well as we knew them from warhammer tournaments in Denmark, and we knew especially Peter to be a sneaky bastard. He ALWAYS has a suicidal maniac as his general (called something as original as Lord Slayer).


This guy keeps charging anything (even dragons!!!) that you put in front of him - so usually he's either dead or on the run in turn 1 or 2 (depending on who get's the first turn). He also uses an assasin these days so we expected him to go after our generals. We knew that, unfortunately, regeneration doesn't work on killing blows or the venom sword, but we chose the strigoi bloodline anyways because that's basically what we both had enough models for. Strangely enough this is the main reason why we took the units that we did (fielding 5000 points of undeads is tricky - especially since I only own a 2000p army).

The army consists of pretty much all the units you usually see in VC armies (skellies, zombies, knights etc.) only in larger numbers... As both Klaus and myself are such cheesy players we loved the idea of fielding 5 spirit hosts and 4 bat swarms (although we knew that Lord Slayer would probably be bringing his trusted venom sword along). A large unit of knights also seemed like a fun idea. Played properly they could be very devastating (and they would hopefully draw a lot of the nasty shooting and magic that we knew we would be facing). To top it all off we brought 4 banshees (always nice ;) and my trusted Meat Wagon (coach) as the ghouls need to be fed, or else they'll just feed on the necromancers.

As for characters the count and lord had regeneration (for survivability), +1S (for killability), and summon ghouls (for annoy-ability). One thrall also had summon ghouls and +1S while the other could fly. The summon ghouls and fly ability were going to be needed as we knew they would bring a lot of shooting (especially the warp lightning cannon - which can be a pain). The necros carried some scrolls, book of arkhan and the staff of "suffer a wound and take a panic test", which we thought would work well against skaven.


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Here is the Undead Army - lots of skeletons, zombies and ghouls - that's the spirit!

And here are the Vampire Lords...