Don’t you just love it when….

- you have a 6+ save and you make it?
- your opponent has a 2+ save and he fails?
- your opponent rolls a Misfire?
- you play wood elves and your opponent puts witch elves on the table? Or dark riders?
- chaos lords don’t kill their opponents in the first turn?
- you play in a tournament and your opponent deploys an Army Standard? (5th edition Warhammer rules made this one funny)
- his warmachine crew panics?
- your warmachine crew fights off harpies?
- you are travelling to a tournament?

Don’t you just hate it when your opponent says….

- ‘You really want me to roll for that?’
- ‘OK, everything on the board charges your….’
- ‘I have a Frostblade.’
- ‘Oh look. Irresistable Force again.’
- ‘This will be a quick game.’