This Section is Screenshots of Various Computer games, when something interesting happened.

DARK AGE OF CAMELOT - click on the picture below


Diablo II

Here is one from Diablo II - when the game hit the streets, we linked up 3 computers and sat playing night and day. My character was the Paladin in the center of the picture. The 2 other characters is a Necromancer, played by Joachim and a Barbarian played by Martin.

We had been playing night and day for a couple of weeks, before finally killing Diablo on Hell level. Nowadays, it would be no great accomplishment, but try taking a non-tweaked, no-knowledge-about-the-skills group through the un-patched classical game and you will see why!

And yes - I actually used Zeal all the way down to hell level, along with the lvl 30 fast-attack aura (which at the time did not also add damage...)



The next one is from my amazon playing Hell in Hardcore mode. She is taking a break from the usual Cow/Bloody/Pindleskin runs and exploring act 5 - then she meets a monster with these special abilities. Extra Strong, Cursed, Spectral hit is about as hard as they come, and coupled with Extra Fast is just mean - oh - and Physical Immune too !!!!

Hiding behind the Valkyrie, a Clone and a Mercenary, I killed it eventually.