The Paint Judging– Saturday Evening
After the game was over all the players set up their armies on the table they had just played on. I spent some time setting my Tomb Kings up properly.
The judges were the tournament organizers and operated (as far as I know) with the following scores

0p Not painted
??p Semi-painted
30p Fully Painted
35p Well Painted (fully painted of course)

I don’t know what was between not painted and fully painted – but I think I remember seeing someone getting 10 and 20 points.
Anyway – I’ll throw all modesty to the wind and say that I considered my own army ‘Well Painted’ when using that scale – not the very best of the tournament, but well up there, especially considering the other armies. However, way back when I first used the army, my two screaming skull catapults were painted then put on bases that looked like stone rather than the grass of the rest of the army. It was along with 10 horsemen – the idea was that the Catapults always deploy on a hill (stone) and the horsemen were there to protect them – and I had a display with them on a hill.
So therefore, my SSC still have stone-bases – painted in the same style as the rest of the army. But apparently, the judges had decided that ‘different bases’ would automatically only get ‘Painted’ – I think it was to penalize the players that borrowed models that were differently painted / based for their army.
So I got 30 points for painting - It’s not a big deal, especially since it’s a test tournament, but I felt a little disappointed at the time.

Some Pictures of the other armies: (sorry - I didn't write down the names)

A High Elf army, with a Dragon.

A more 'sandy' Tomb King army.

Another High Elf army, in a traditional color scheme.

Tomb Kings again, this time with a spectacular Bone Giant.

Adam's very well painted Empire army - the best painted army of the tournament in my opinion, including 3 ogres and a Steamtank.

Brief Interlude – Into the Eye of the Storm
While we had been playing Warhammer, it was storming outside. Actually, ‘storm’ is inadequate, since it was officially a ‘Hurricane’. It hit eastern Denmark around 5-6 PM and was expected to move towards the eastern parts during the evening. Copenhagen and Ballerup is in the Eastern part of Denmark, if you are not too familiar with Danish geography.
Anyway – reports came in from cellphones that the police had ordered everyone to stay inside, 4 people had already been killed, and trees and power lines were being knocked over by the wind. Halfway through the 3rd battle against Mikkel, I seriously considered quitting the tournament and returning home before it got worse, but I decided to stay and fight it out (it was at the point where things were looking worst – so I’m glad I didn’t run with my tail between my legs).
The dinner was supposed to be food from the local pizza-place, and fortunately they were still open, so we braved the storm and got something to eat.
Fortunately, the storm cleared up and when it was time to go home, the worst was over, so we could safely drive home.

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