Doctor does Battlerage Ballerup (Warmup)

- A SETTRA Tournament Report

A notice on the Danish warhammer forum ’Goblins Lair’ came up in the start of December – a tournament would be held in the first weekend of January (well – the first real weekend – no one counts the one with January 1st in it) – it would be a 3.000 points warm-up tournament to the bigger Battlerage tournament in the spring.

So it would be a ‘test’ tournament – an opportunity to test the army or try out something weird. I have been collecting a Tomb King army since the book came out, and this sounded like a good opportunity to add some models to it – or rather – paint some models. I’m one of those gamers that only get things done if there is a deadline - and I have a feeling I'm not the only one! Also I have been fielding my High Elves a lot lately, so it was time that the old dusties got some attention.

My Tomb King army in all it's glory!

A matter of Timing

I really wanted to participate, and checking my work schedule I actually had the weekend off – so cheerfully I told the organizers that I’d be coming.
However, I had missed a big red circle around January 9th – It was the day of my girlfriend’s baby sister’s christening – it's a pretty big deal in Denmark, and it was 10 o’clock in the church, so no chance of playing warhammer before that.
Anyway – the organizers said it would be OK for me to play the first 2 days and miss the final game on Sunday. But the whole situation caused some laughs – you see, last year, in the Battlerage tournament held by the same people, I was playing Friday and Saturday, but unfortunately got so sick that I couldn’t play Sunday (not sick of Warhammer – but a throat infection).
I was in 5th or 6th place or so – and instead of ‘bumping’ everyone up, so that it would be the worst placed guy that would play against a stand-in, they just used a stand-in instead of me – who promptly got hammered by my opponent - a Gunline Empire army (Stank and all), who then took second place. I’m pretty sure (as were everyone else) that I could have done a better job than the stand-in.
So I guess its becoming a habit that I’m not competing on the last day.

Below are the different parts of the report - they are in chronological order, so you can just start with the preparations, and click your way forward.

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