Saturday Morning
I picked up Martin again at 9 o’clock and drove to the tournament again – breakfast was served there and the next game started at 10 o’clock – a few had won their games big, but most were quite close, so there was everything to play for.

Second Game – Saturday Morning
Morten (2 MD) – Nurgle Demons

I was paired against Nurgle Demons – it was a bit surprising, since they had chosen to pair us up based on Total VP’s scored in the first game rather than the 19 ’tournament points’ I had scored.
Anyway – I had never played against Morten before, and I had never played against the new Demon army and didn’t really know what to expect – but he only had 2 lvl 2 spellcasters and only 2 dispel scrolls, so I was fairly confident that I could put up a good show.
His army consisted of
- An Undivided Demon Prince and an Exalted Demon (not sure if that’s the correct name – but it was a smaller version of the demon prince that took up two hero slots).
- Two demon heroes on foot (one nurgle (BSB) and one Slaanesh.
- 2 x 16 Plaguebearers and 12 Demonettes on foot.
- 2 x 3 Plague riders and a Slaanesh Chariot.
- 2 + 3 bases of nurglings.
- 9 Furies.
His army was painted very well – a pretty standard green nurgle and pinkish/purple for the slaanesh. A few models weren’t painted, but I really liked his Demon Prince.

The Scenario was a Capture Scenario, so 3 objectives were placed, one in the centre and one centrally on each flank. Each was worth 500 VP’s for the player that had highest unit strength within 8”. Random turn length.
I won the roll-off and chose to be defender – his army was rather slow and it’s always nice to go last in the capture – scenarios.
He chose fire magic on his DP and got the Burning Head and the 2D6 S4 hit spell. His smaller demon had Slaanesh magic (I think) and had a 12” D6 S6 hit spell and an 18” ‘your unit can do nothing’ spell.

I concentrated on the left and center objective (from my POV) whereas he concentrated on the right and center – He only had his small demon prince on my left flank, so I could send a Scorpion towards it (I had US 4, he only had US 3). The Scorpion got zapped down to 1 wound by magic, but held on to the objective until the end.
He placed his Furies to get a charge off against my Hierophant and foot-lich hiding in the archer unit, but that allowed me to magically charge my other scorpion against them. It was a bit of a stalemate until his slaanesh-foot-hero could kill the scorpion – but that allowed the King (leading the Skeletons this time) to slam into the hero and then overrun into the furies, sorting both out in short order.
The bone giant teamed up with the King/skeletons and charged a nurgling swarm (3 bases) – usually swarms are easy prey for him, but the –1 to hit (meaning 5+) and 5+ ward save made his attack quite unspectacular and he needed help from the TK, whose flail easily delt with the little buggers – but not before they had put 2 wounds on him!
The delay allowed Morten to set up a charge with his demonettes against the TK and skeletons, and the charge would be followed by a flank-charge from the Demon Prince, while some beastriders kept the Giant busy. His plans were foiled, when a SSC shot (the SSC’s had been pretty ineffective at this point, killing 1 beastrider and some random plaguebearers) scattered 6 inches and the template marginally touched the Demon Prince’s base. However, ‘Marginally Touched’ followed by successful 4+ roll (to hit), a 5+ roll (to wound), a failed ward save and another ‘4’ (number of wounds) meant that the Demon Prince was dead! – and the King could use a couple of rounds to kill off the Demonettes.
Morten had to go for the Objectives my magical upper hand meant that my Tomb Prince was able to charge his Slaanesh chariot, and killed it in a couple of turns, although he died himself to 3 beast-riders.
His two Plaguebearer regiments had to move forward to try to get at least one objective – but this allowed me to magically charge the chariots (with the warbanner) and my 8-strong cavalry into the flank of one of them (which popped) and into the flank of the other, which held out until the game ended, although they were also engaged in the front by the Tomb Guard.
His small flying demon prince had given up trying to kill the elusive scorpion (because the objectives were impossible to see through I could always hide it) and ended up charging my archer regiment (with hierophant and lich) in the rear – he lost every combat and my ranks meant he couldn't strike at the characters, and the casualties he caused were quickly healed – but he survived to the end.
On my (weak) right flank, I had managed to put my 16 strong cavalry within 8” – his only hope was to get his 3 Beastriders (that had already killed the Prince) into contact – but the game ended when he finally got close enough.
So after 6 turns, the game ended – I had all 3 objectives and destroyed all his army except 3 beastriders, his small demon prince and half a unit of plaguebearers – he had killed around 300 points of mine, making it a massive victory.

Final Result
30-0 to me – difference of over 3000 points.

Another win (this was a big one), and suddenly I was nr. 2 in the tournament and looking to play a big game at Table 1. A quick look at the rankings : the Top player had 56 Tournament Points, and I had 49. The next had 46 and 45 I believe.
So whoever won this would be in pretty good shape.

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