Third game – Saturday Afternoon
Mikkel Skadhauge (2 MD) aka. Telmore playing Lizardmen

I had never played against Mikkel before, but knew him (and his younger brother) well from the Forums. He played Lizardmen, and the kind without real regiments. He had (this is from memory as I didn’t write it down)
- A Slann (4th generation if I’m not mistaken) and 2 skinks
- An oldblood (flying guy with re-rolls) and a saurus hero on a cold one.
- 6 Cold one riders with the Huanchi banner (allows him to move 1D6 in the magic phase – one use)
- 3 x 10 skinks and 5 chameleon skinks.
- 2 x 3 salamanders and 2 x 3 Terravores.
- 4 Kroxigor and a Stegadon.
His army was painted in a dark green/black color scheme and looked great on the battlefield. However he had borrowed a couple of models (salamanders and a few skinks) that were painted in reddish brown/grey, so they stood out a bit.

To be honest I have always had a lot of trouble playing against lizardmen with my Tomb Kings – they have a lot of magic and are practially immune to psychology (or rather – they will very rarely fail that random fear/terror/panic test that most other armies might).
I planned placing my units in a corner/flank, and use my Catapults to kill his important stuff – the Kroxigors, Saurus cav and (to a lesser degree) Salamanders and then sweep forward with magic. The Scorpions were buried in the middle and would hopefully emerge and cause him trouble, as they can easily chew through the skink screens and terradons and they can hold off salamander packs a long time, sometimes even win.
My chariots and Cav would be used to threaten a countercharge initially – although I have been (painfully) exposed to a flying Saurus with a great weapon before, so I would do my best to keep him at an arms length. Two arms and a Flail to be precise.

Slann : Mistress of marsh, Father of Thorn, Master of Stone, Burning Iron, Steed of Shadows (or whatever it’s called).
Skinks: both with second sign, one with comet, one with D6 S4 hits, no save.

The battle started with a roll-off – he won, and chose to be the defender. I set up in one corner, with a hill right in front of my deployment zone and a big stone guarding my center flank (the right one). Unfortunately I didn’t really place the catapults well, so I had to spend a turn re-arranging one of them a bit. It was not a big deal, but everything counts in these battles.
He deployed across the table in a pretty standard lizardmen manner – his Slann going on a hill in the center of his army, with all those small skirmishers around him. The Kroxigors hid behind the skink screens and his Stegadon went on his extreme right, his Saurus Cav on the other.
His chameleons hid in a forest in the middle of the empty table half to my right.
My two tomb scorpions dug down around 10 “ in front of his army.

I moved my 16 strong cavalry aggressively forward, on top of the small hill in front of my deployment zone – I expected to take some salamander hits(I had the summoning banner), but hopefully slow him down – at least he’d have to move normally (as opposed to marching) and he couldn’t just move his skinks 12” forward – even if they fled from my charge, I just might reach them and get behind his lines. My Tomb Prince left his chariots (after all – if that S7 saurus gets into contact, they are all dead anyways).
My magic phase draws the first scroll – he won’t allow my ‘guessing range’ shots. My ordinary shots are quite good – I guess perfectly on the head of the Saurus hero in the Saurus cavalry. Mikkel looks a bit worried as I roll the scatter and artillery dice, but sadly the shot scatters and kills 2 random skinks – they pass their panic test with –1 even though they are not within 12” of the slann – go figure.
In his turn he moves forward some, but not fully – and in the magic phase he tries to blast the 16 Skeleton Horsemen on the hill with Master of Stone. I’m quite ready to use a dispel magic scroll, but he roll Irresistible Force – and then rolls 18 hits! (on 3 dice…). That does 11 wounds, I save 3, so 8 dead.
I stop the rest of his magic, and then the salamanders shoot 5 – leaving only the command group.
They quickly turn and lurk down from the hill again….
In my second turn, I move my chariots down his flanks, careful to stay at least 18” away from that Saurus oldblood – now that my Horsemen can’t threaten him and stop his advance, maybe the threat of a flank charge can. My tomb Prince in his chariot also gets ready for some countercharging action.
In his second turn he tries a charge with his oldblood on my chariots and is just within 18” – of my movement tray, not the models. I remember thinking that the charge failed, but he seems certain that we had established earlier on that we measure from the movement trays. I don’t remember that, but we did agree on something regarding movement trays earlier on (can’t remember exactly what), so if he’s interpreted that as a general rule there’s no point in arguing. I know Mikkel as a stand-up guy, so we decide to dice for it – so on a 4+, the charge succeeds and my chariots are now in deep trouble. He naturally whacks them all in one turn. Together with the fact that one scorpion emerged in turn 2, but I rolled a Misfire, this means that I now have a very hard time applying any kind of pressure to his very mobile army, and he could cruise forward at his leisure.
Or in short – I’m in deep trouble.
So I decide to ‘turtle up’ a bit and make him work for every single victory point. I use my Bone Giant as a ‘bone shield’ in front of my Hierophant to prevent him getting to my Hierophant with some random flyer. Coincidentally that also shields the TK, who I have placed next to the Hierophant in my big Skeleton regiment – so he can’t use that ‘Burning Iron’ spell against the flammable mummy.
He charges a regiment of Terradons into a screaming skull catapult – they kill 2 crewmen and the machine on combat result – which leaves 1 crewman – the Terradons then fail their Terror from the Bone giant, and I manage to raise the catapult again.
I get 4 or 5 shots directly at his Saurus Hero in the Cold one saurus unit, but all the shots scatter – except one, which kills 2 Saurus riders. Which means that he can’t make any more look out sirs, but I never hit them again. One of the scatters kills 2 salamanders though.
My Skeleton warriors with full compliment of characters (TK, Hierophant, LP) manages to magically charge the Saurus Old blood who has flown behind my lines – and the Old King himself does 3 wounds in the challenge! Unfortunately, he saves 2 with a 4+ ward save against S5+ hits and saves the last using a re-roll – he does 2 wounds back, but in the second round of combat (where neither of us does any wounds) he flees the board with my unit in hot pursuit.
My remaining Tomb Scorpion scatters 10” back towards his deployment zone – and is within 10” of his skink regiment containing the 2 skink priests! He had placed his Jungle swarms or some skinks right on top of the original place I had buried the Scorpion, and this sparked an interesting debate. I thought that you rolled scatter for the marker, established it’s final position and then if there’s a regiment on top of that, the scorpion emerges in close combat. Mikkel had read the passage regarding buried markers differently, though – he was convinced that when the marker scattered it ‘moved’ and if it ‘moves’ under and enemy, it emerges in close combat with the unit – long before it comes to it’s final position. Re-reading the passage, I can see how he can think that – but I’ve never heard of anyone playing it like that.
We ended up rolling a dice for it, after having asked around a bit – and this time, the 4+ was in my favor, and the Scorpion charged the Skinks and killed both priests over 3 combat rounds (a bit of bad luck on the second round – only 1 poison hit!) before it was swarmed by skinks.
The Bone Giant was free of it’s ‘Bone Shield’ – role since my skeletons had turned to fight the Oldblood, so he tried to look as menacingly as possible, and I angled him so the advancing Kroxigors couldn’t charge my Skeletons’ rear.
He could however, move his saurus cavalry quite close to the flank of the bone giant, use the Huanchi banner to move into it, overrun and hit the rear of the skeletons – now that would have been disastrous.
I had previously asked him exactly when the banner is used, and he said ‘in the beginning of the magic phase’ (I asked because I wanted to make sure I would dispel Second Sign if that combo worked). He started the magic phase by casting Master of Stone at the depleted horseman-unit, which I dispelled. Then he remembered the banner. I considered being an A-hole for 2 seconds, but I let him use it – and he rolled a ‘1’ for the distance, the only result that was too short. Guess the dice have their own kind of justice.
Anyway – I had killed his oldblood, his two skink priests, and all my important characters were still alive, in a regiment that he would have a tough time cracking especially since he didn’t really have an answer to my Tomb King. My Tomb Guard had been engaged by the Kroxigor – they died in droves and would be lost. But still – I just might pull this one off without losing too badly – and I even had a crack at winning because my Bone Giant could charge 3 skink-less Salamanders, and with some luck on the dice, could kill 2 of them and overrun (or rather – autobreak and pursue) – into the Slann himself. If I could then put 2 wounds on him, I would auto-break him! (he had army banner + war banner but I had higher unit strength).
That was the plan (and I let Mikkel know it!) and the Bone Giant barrelled into the Salamanders, and got off to a good start with 3 hits, but only two wounds. The next set of attacks only did 1 wound and I failed to hit on the last attack. So only 1 dead. I can’t remember if the return-blows did anything, but since Salamanders have US 3 each (very fitting for skirmishers…grumble…grumble) they had to pass a break test – the Slann with the Army standard was right behind them, so they passed easily and the Bone Giant died the next turn – or was he killed on the return blows? I can’t remember.
My Tomb Prince had died earlier trying to halt the Stegadon and in the final turn of the game, Mikkel charged his Saurus Cavalry into my Skeletons from the front, the two surviving Salamanders from the BG charge above into the flank, 3 terradons into my rear (or rather – he would have but they failed a fear test).
I challenged the Saurus hero with my TK, but he declined, and Mikkel killed some of my skeletons. He also managed to kill my little foot lich (1 saurus cav could attack him – I felt a bit unlucky, but I guess it’s OK) and put 2 wounds on my Hierophant – who failed both his 4+ ward saves to give Mikkel half the VP’s for him.
My king could strike at his Saurus cav – if I killed 2 of them I would get half points, and I had the possibility of killing all remaining 4 and scoring a lot of victory points. 4 attacks hitting on 3+ gave 0 hits…. Then wounding on 2+ with no save due to modifiers doesn’t really matter, does it?
Anyway – he failed halving the skeleton regiment by 1 model (I had 13 left), but had still gotten over 300 vp’s on that charge, which could easily have given me 150 instead.

9-21 loss – ended up around 1400 points difference but I definitely gave Mikkel a run for his money, especially considering how bad it looked halfway through. Mikkel now had a solid lead of the tournament, and I fell to 5th or 6th place.

The game was quite intense, which is why I didn't take a lot of pictures during the game - I simply didn't think of it!

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