The Pictures taken that are not related to my games!

'Hmmm now how the hell did this Bestigor manage to not kill that Snotling?' On the table next to us, there was a 'Clash of Pink' as two Slaanesh armies had a go at each other.

This is Benny's Sylvania army. The reason that I took the picture is that he has recently 'dipped' his army - it looks great and 'dipping' is quite the new thing here in Denmark, with a company that sells 'army painter' that allows you to dip your army very fast, creating instant shading! I can imagine Benny's army will look really cool when he also gets the movement trays done.

Are we looking at the next generation of Dwarf tactics?

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of.....Trees? The wood elves have deployed their extra forest on top of a hill. Notice how they have also pressganged som skinks into serving them.

Erm, exactly how many are meeting a fiery death here? Apparently the Dragonrider had been shot from his Dragon and the big beast decides to take matters into it's own claws.

Action shot: HOLD IT....HOLD IT.....FIRE!!!!!!! This is another 'ally' scenario, where the Cannon tries to help the Dark Elf Executioners. Yeah, I'd help them too if I had to - or it would be my neck on the block next.

A nice Dwarf army including some Ogres.

A close-up of a Stank and the 'old boys' of the Empire.

Since I am making my own 'dark elf undeads' I was very interested in this army. It looks good, though I have wondered myself how to make the Cold One Knights look undead. This looks good, but doesn't quite do it for me. Spirit hosts look good though.

Of course there was an Anvil. With the new dwarves, there will always be an Anvil.

Erm - this picture is Skadens very.... curvy... Llamia vampire. Is that her bra lying on the ground?

Illuminati had sent the big boys to try and win their own tournament. This is Benny and Trille.

A close-up of some of Adams absolutely stunning Wood Elves. Old models on bears. I like!

This is my favorite model. The Eagle is catching a Doom Diver!

A treeman with his gang of Dryads. Adam won for best painted army, of course.

A tzeentch giant in an army based on highlanders, with kilt colors and everything. Looks very good!

Skaven, as usual, present a wall of fur and teeth. Dodge this!

When all technology have broken down, Jesper resorts to pen and paper to get the points right - or is he doing inventory on those beers?