Doctor does Illuminati Tix 2006

Recently, I've become a member of the Danish gaming club 'Illuminati', ensuring regular games. It's great to be member of an enthusiastic community where games are played regularly and opponents are nice and fun to play against. The 'engine' of the club is Jesper 'Thunderus' Hansen, and it's his basement that is home to furious gaming every thursday evening. There will be a tournament soon, which I plan to dominate with a ... special ... flavor of Vampire Counts. You'll hear more about that later, but this Report is about the Illuminati Tix Tournament, which was held in Copenhagen in March 06.

Tix? What?

Tix is short for 'The Illuminati Experience' - so Illuminati Tix is sort of saying the same thing twice (something we call 'dobbeltkonfekt' in danish (!)) but it's easy to say and as good a name as any. It's obviously held by the Illuminati club and though I was not in the tournament organizing team as such, I helped out with a couple of practical things. The team was a casual, 'drink-beer'-tournament and it was a Partner-tournament - so each 'Team' consisted of two players, playing two different armies. The only restriction was that the two armies both had to be Good or Evil.

A couple of months before the tournament, I was approached by long-time warhammer friend Klaus Bloch (if you know my site, he played as one of the Vampire Counts players in the big 'Settra Invitational' Flash report, who asked if I wanted to team up. Of course I did! Klaus is having some fun bashing peoples skulls with his Wood Elves and he wanted to use those, but I'm in the process of re-painting (mostly re-basing) my Tomb King army and the Tournament would be a good excuse to get the last things done (those that I hadn't done for the Copenhagen GT a month ago). As Klaus also have a Vampire Counts army, he agreed to use those, especially since he had some Necrarch tricks that he wanted to try out. So with no further ado, I give you:


'DocLoch the Undead Alliance'!

Klaus (on the left) manages to look a bit like a Necrarch, whereas I'm looking more like an Elven Choirboy than ancient Tomb King. Oh well.

Now what kind of name is 'DocLoch the Undead Alliance?' Well, we are both playing Undead and since I am sometimes called 'Doc' and Klaus' last name is 'Bloch', I suggested DocBloch - but that changed to 'DocLoch'. Sorry, but that's the best explanation I can give.

Regarding army composition, it was a bit unique, as each player had to bring a total of 2750 points of troops, broken down into a 'Main Block' of 1750 points and two 'Detachments' each of 500 points. I'll not go too much into the details, but in the main block 1 Lord choice and 2 heroes were allowed, 3 special and 1 rare choice. In each detachment one Hero was allowed (so 5 heroes in total in the army), but only one of those could be a caster.

Magic-wise, 6 magic levels and no more than 8 powerdice in the main block and 2 powerdice in the 'caster'-detachment - so when they were combined, no more than 10 power dice.

When the King goes a-going!

With only 6 allowed caster levels there was not really much point in going 'High-Lich' so I once again let my Tomb King leave his pyramid. I wanted to try something new though and decided to put him on foot and give him the Scorpion Armor (so he can't take more than 1 wound from combat result), Cloak of Dunes (fly, baby, fly!) and Crown of Kings (roll 2 dice for his incantations, use the highest). So he would fly around and use his movement-incantations where I saw fit and then get engaged and could tie up the opponent for quite some time, even if my combat rolls went ape. Also, he could work as a speed-bump/tarpit if something threatened my Casket....

Oops I revealed it! - That's right, I went for the Casket of Souls. I never play with it but since this was a casual tournament and I have it painted, it wanted to try it out. The problem was that my Catapult would have to go into a detachment (since only 1 rare choice is allowed in the main block and the Casket counts as that). Anyway, that Lich got Collar of Shapesh (4+ 'redirect' ward save) and a Dispel Scroll.

Since I'd rather not have my Hierophant on a Casket (I thought about doing that at one point and then paint a big 'bullseye' in his forehead!!!) I also chose a foot-lich, 'armed' with 2 dispel scrolls. I'm sure some are thinking 'What? no hieretic jar?' but since there was an 8-powerdice limit to the magic phase, I couldn't use it unless some of my characters died (and I'll rather not plan my army for that!). I had 2 (king)+2x2(2 liches)+2 casket - 4 times 2 is 8! - or so they say.

Protect the King!

The problem was that now I had already used around 700-800 points on characters - that always happens in a Tomb King army so the rest of my main block would be somewhat smaller. I went for 2 x 16 archers with full command as they could shoot some stuff (and give me an early 'incantation outlet', especially for my casket-lich) and then reform into a 16-man undead block when the pressure came. Not exactly sterling fighters, but at least they are better than zombies! (and some would say elven spearmen !).

The Casket need some protection and no-one does it better than 3 Tomb Swarms - they are small, they are undead and they are a 15-wound meatshield. They also have Poison, which actually turned out pretty good! If only they weren't 'undead' but rather just regular 'Unbreakable' swarms they would be REALLY good, but I'd just have to settle for Good.

Next was a block of infantry, since I was playing D-fence. Now, because Bow-skellies and close-combat skellies are the same entry, I was only allowed 2 units in total - and I had already taken the archers - so therefore I went for the Tomb Guard - 20 of them with full command. I wanted to include the Icon of Rakaph, but I didn't have the points (also, there was a 450-points limit to magic items for our team, meaning 225 points for me).

Since my King would be flying around I needed something with punch in the main block - first I wanted a Bone Giant, that's out of the question since he's a rare choice - so 'boner' was scrapped and my 3 Ushabti marched in his place. They are quite cool, but also very expensive. Someday I'll add a 4th Ushabti, as I really feel that 4 is the right number (as it is now, they only have to take 3 wounds to have their effectivety reduces in a big way). But Someday is not Today and I'll just have to do.

And that's it basically - 3 characters, 2xarchers, ushabti, tomb guard and swarms. How quickly the points add up!

The King's Dead - Long Live the King!

My two detachments were easier to choose - it was just all the stuff that I couldn't include in the main army! There had been a forum-Q&A that said that a Tomb Prince counted as a caster, so in my 'Caster Detachment' (detachment A) I went for a Prince in a Chariot with 4 other chariots (with banner). Chariots are much the same as Ushabti regarding numbers - Unless they are going in 'naked' I feel that 4 is a better number. Also a Tomb Scorpion and 5 Light Horsemen. Hard-hitters, a burrower and light horsement - pretty good detachment.

The other detachment was a bit more tricky - I could have a Rare-choice here and I went for the Catapult - the only character option I had was the Icon Bearer - I've never tried it, so maybe this was the time. I splashed out on 'Standard of the Sands' for him - so my enemy couldn't march in the first turn against my army - pretty good with Casket, Catapult and 2xarchers staring at him. 24 foot skeletons finished that detachment off.

The complete army list is shown here.

Klaus' army list is here. I had talked him into having a 10-Black Knight detachment with a Wight Lord, since I would be borrowing a Detachment from him in the first game!

A Toast to those that aren't with us today!

Like any good party, it's not worth discussion the persons that aren't there (unless girls are there - that's the only thing they'll talk about!), but I want to mention a few things that I didn't have in the army.

I didn't have any Heavy Horsemen. These guys are probably the troop type most oftenly debated by Tomb King generals. They can be great or they can suck big-time. I just couldn't fit them in anywhere.

Secondly, I didn't have any Carrion - that's because I didn't have any Special choices left. The two Scorpions are a must and Ushabti and Tomb Guard certainly had their place in my army. So I would just have to do without.

Proceed to Saturday Morning!

See the Pictures from the tournament - those that didn't include me or my army.