So the tournament was 30 km north of Copenhagen and I had to bring a lot of stuff, since I would be sleeping there - Jeppe was kind enough to pick me up (no - not like that!) on his way there, since he was in the big city anyway. After a quick stop where I met his 8-month old baby, we got to the tournament venue 2 hours before the start of the tournament. Since Jeppe and Friis were the organizers of the tournament, I helped set up tables, drink beer, carry beer, drink beer and get a head-start on the Tuborg! The other team-members were there,so I also got acquainted with the other members of the team, old friends and new.

When the other teams all got there (with the mandatory 'late people'), it was time to say hello to everyone - a lot of people I hadn't seen for several years, so it was nice to catch up.

Each team was 4 players, and was supposed to be ranked, so that the best player was 'player 1' and the worst was 'player 4'. You can imagine the drama of some teams trying to figure out exactly who was best and who was not.

However, this year the organisers decided to shake things up, and player 1-4 was determined randomly - I got to be nr. 2. This was a bit funny since the teams (including the player numbers) had been up on the net for some time, and some 'smart' people had made their armies with
specific opponents in mind - and were now paying for it.

A little note on the pictures

I brought my digital camera, but on the way there, I discovered that the memory was almost full of baby-pictures of my girlfriend's baby sister. I couldn't erase those, so I had to use 'less than average' quality pictures, so they can't get any bigger than what you see.

Also, there weren't any 'best painted' nomination, so people didn't line up their armies nice. So I didn't get the usual 'entire army in a picture' that I normally use. But I've tried to show what the army looked like anyway.


BUNKEREN ALLSTARS vs. KIMBRERWAFFE (sorry if that's spelled wrong, but how about choosing a name that normal people can spell, goddammit).

Kimbrerwaffe is basically a walk-over, since they can't play Warhammer.

However, they decided to give it a go, much like a 3-legged dog tries to run, but falls over when it tries to wag the tail. The team consists of Kent Max Hansen, Wilhelm Grøfte, Martin Skummeltræt and Anders.

If the original 'player rankings' were true, I had had to play against Martin's Goblin horde - a pretty good opponent for my TK's, particularly my 2

However, after the shake-up, my opponent was Wilhelm Grøfte - a Warcon old-timer. Wilhelm has played Warhammer as long as me and is a great guy - if only he wasn't from Jutland. Fortunately I had brought my 'Danish-Jysk' translater and the game was on!

Wilhelm played a Bretonnia Army, painted darkish blue - a night army, complete with red eyes and everything. I think the army belongs to Kent Max Hansen. Nice idea, and quick to paint, if I'm not mistaken 8).

He had 3 lvl 2 mages with 2 scrolls, an Army Standard bearer, 5 lances (1 grail, 1 questing, 1 errand and 2 KOTR), 4 pegasus knights, a tre-bucket and some skirmish archers.
Before the game was even on, Wilhelm and Kent started b*tching about my 2 catapults, but then told me that the only reason they had included the archers and bucket was that they had no more knights! Good going guys, takes one to know one 8).

We played the usual 'Attacker-Defender' system that we always use in Denmark - so the Attacker deploys half his army, then the defender places his first half. The Attacker deploys the rest and the defender then deploys the rest. The attacker has the first turn.
It had been decided that our entire team was the attacker and the table halves were set - so our entire team was on one side of a 4-player wide
table, and their team was on the other side - a nice way to start the tournament!

The table had a lake in the middle, so I decided to only use one half of my deployment zone (pic and pic)- a pretty regular tactic. Wilhelms Knights deployed across the table, and he placed one knight unit behind a forest and his characters alone, hiding like frightened children behind a forest, in awe of my mighty catapults.
He also deployed his Questing Knights on my refused (or rather 'ignored') flank, ready to go around the lake. Or into the lake, searching for a
certain naked lady - I dunno.

I started bombarding his units and managed a panic test (with -1 of course) on a lance or two, but nothing ran (I rolled the hit - he rolled the '6' on their Ld 6 panic test!). Wilhelm then moved his army forward, and did the right thing - simply moved all his lances forward, despite my two scorpions,
chariots and horsemen ready to countercharge - I've seen many Bretonnia players try to move tactically to 'get the charge' against an army like mine, but that would just result in me moving a bit back and shoot further. 2 of his mages joined the Grail Knights, cowering in their middle rank.

Wilhelms first magic saw the beginning of a long game of spectacular dice-rolls. His first roll was a Master of Stone on something, but he
managed to roll tripple-1 on 3 dice!!! Snake-eyes and a snake-cyclops I guess. He rolled 5 on the miscast table, but that never mattered.

However, his next spell was 'Howler Wind' and he rolled tripple-6! oh no - especially since TK's are not known for their dispelling capabilities. His
next spell with 2 dice? I actually can't remember what it was, but he rolled another double-6! I think he killed a chariot with that and his Trebuchet
killed one of my catapults (but left 1 crewman - ready to be raised again - hah!).

So the pressure was on - Now I couldn't countercharge him, since his howler wind prevented my Scorpions and horsemen from even reaching him. However, my 2 remaining chariots charged his Knights Errand (which I had hit in the first turn, so there were only 4 left).
I moved my Tomb Swarm in front of his grail knights (a mighty 2" move!) and a Scorpion to angle his big KOTR unit, the other scorpion to angle his
other regiment of KOTR. Pic.

My SSC's started shooting - but POP QUIZ! - how does Howler Wind affect a stone thrower shot? - We played it so that it wouldn't affect the S8 'direct hit' but would prevent the S4 'blast' - it makes no sense from a 'reality' perspective, but it has to be like that from a rules perspective. I managed a direct hit on a Pegasus Knight, but rolled an embarrasing '1' to wound.

REMEMBER THIS PART: That shot was important, because I couldn't actually see the pegasus knights, but Realm-knights right in front of them. I made no attempt to hide the fact that I shot at his Peg's, since the rules allow a shot if there's enemies in the general direction. Remember that - I'll get back to that later.

One of his Knights Errand died from my magic chariot-banner (so now the Unit Strength was even - see? great banner) and I somehow killed his champion - he didn't wound me back and he auto-broke - If I could just roll 13 on my pursue, I would get off the table and prevent a pegasus knight flank-charge - I rolled low and didn't even catch his Knights Errand (remember that too - 2 knights errand survived).

Most importantly, in the magic phase I managed to roll my two 'natural' power dice and dispel his howler wind - very important!

In his second turn, his Grail Knights charged my Tomb Swarms, his two KOTR regiments charged my two scorpions and his Pegasus Knights charged my 2 chariots. Or rather - those were the charges he declared! - His Grail Knights charged, but one KOTR regiment failed their Fear test - and so did his Pegasus Knights!

Phew. The other KOTR charged a scorpion.
He rolled 18 dice (!) for his grail knights' attacks and obliterated my Tomb Swarms - he didn't even have to roll for his horses! His KOTR killed the Scorpion, even though it killed 2 of them. He didn't overrun with the KOTR, but overran with his Grail Knights - if he could roll '8' he would just hit my Tomb Kings Skeleton regiment, and even though I could flank charge them with my horse-men, he would likely cause so many wounds that I definately wouldn't break them easily, and then his Questing Knights would charge in and help them.
So an 8 was needed - but he only rolled 6 - so now his Grail Knights with 2 wizards was stuck right in front of my Tomb King, his 20 skeletons with 12 Horsemen with Warbanner in their Flank! - Pic shows the stranded Grail knights (in the top of the picture) with the Questing Knights ready to ride around my flank.

However before we could play on (we had been told to stop after turn 2) it was announced that some of the regiments on the Battlefield had turned traitor! 2 units from each team (team - not player) that cost no more than 200 points - so Wilhelms 2 remaining Knights Errand instantly rallied and joined my Darkside! They have learned quick, the young Padawans! Fortunately none of my regiments switched allegance - way to go!

Just typical that the only regiment I had obliterated was the traitors - but that's the way it goes.In my turn, my team charged in against his grail knights, and then began another bizarre series of dice-rolling - First, my Tomb King challenged a random grail knight and rolled 1-1-1-2 for his attacks! Oh boy. I honestly can't remember how many other kills there were, but he ended up losing the combat by 3 - and revealed that he had the '3 dice for leadership and chose the lowest pair'-banner - oh boy - if those Grail Knights stayed put, and the Questing Knights hit me in the rear, it would spell 'game over'.
Fortunately Wilhelm decided to help me out, and failed his test - and also failed the re-roll for his close-by army standard!
They fled a measly 9" but both my regiments failed to catch him - and didn't get out of questing knight-charge range!

It was at that point that the Divine And Unfair Gods of Warhammer decided to help me out - As compensation for my crappy pursuit-rolls, Wilhelm next turn failed his Rally test and fled 17" - taking the Grailies and their 2 wizards off the board! BOO-YAH!

Getting such a magical upper hand by turn 3 is always a tremendeous bonus with the Tomb Kings.

Next, though his Pegasus Knights charged my Horsemen and his Questing Knights charged my TK's regiment in the rear! - ouch. The Peg's were eventually seen off by my second regiment of skeletons in the flank (since he couldn't dispel all my magic at this point), but the Questing Knights
killed my entire regiment over a couple of turns and then crumbled the King over a couple of combat rounds. I can't remember how he performed, but I think he killed 1 knight in total - way to go!

Regardless of that fact, I was ahead at this point of the game and the question was whether I could manage to win with the 400-500 points (can't remember the exact amount) that were required for a 'win' or if it would be a draw - and my team needed me to win!

But then it happened! Remember when I shot at the Pegasus Knights with a catapult, right behind some other knights, even though I couldn't specifically see them? Well, Wilhelm used the same rule to snipe my Hierophant with his Trebuchet - Some skeletons (those that had chased off his Peg's) were around 10" from his Trebuchet - and 47 inches in the 'same general direction', behind a hill was my Hierophant, who had left his bowmen to try and heal the chariots, that eventually got detroyed by his Questing Knights.

The Hierophant was behind a hill and therefore couldn't be seen by the Trebuchet under any circumstances, but that didn't matter, since he could shoot at him because the skeletons were there!
Wilhelm hit him (a 47" dead on shot is impressive, but he had just shot at my archers on the hill, so he had the range), rolled 'hit' on scatter and did
the 2 wounds necessary - a dead hierophant and my TK dead earlier meant a lot of crumbling and in the end Wilhelm won because of it.

He did however manage a final spectacular miscast - his remaining wizard tried to cast some random spell, miscast and rolled double 1, meaning a S10 hit on him and every member of the KOTR-lance he had joined! It only resulted in half the unit dying - but it still made me laugh.

When the dust settled I had scored 1300 victory points, Wilhelm had scored 2012 points, a difference of 712 points, which meant a 3-1 win for him. Wilhelm a little conscience-ping about the trebuchet-shot that won him the game, but fortunately it didn't matter - the other guys on my team had
managed to lose by so much, so it didn't matter

Bunkeren Allstars 0 - KinderWaffel 1

Two other teams had played a Draw, and since draws aren't allowed at WTC, it had to be decided by the time-honored tradition of a Beer Relay - Each member of the team had to run to a beer on a chair, drink the beer, run 10 times around the chair and run back - then the next guy runs and so forth, until a team has won! - And no, even during Beer Relays, it doesn't suddenly change from darkness to broad daylight, but there were a couple during the weekend and I wanted to illustrate the rules.

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