Torben Settra is a the remains of a Danish Warhammer - gaminggroup from Copenhagen. Its not an official group by any means (though we tried getting government support at one time - they saw right through us as 'just 5 guys playing a hobby game'), but 5 guys that started playing Warhammer together (among alot of other things) and I used the name for the website. The gaming group is disbanded now, but some of us are still seeing each other. Because of that, I joined the gaming group 'Illuminati' from Herlev in Denmark in the fall of 2005.

Other than that, I'm always happy to arrange a game through the various message boards.

Who am I?

A regular gamer like the next guy, with this website. I live in Copenhagen, in an appartment with my fiancée Marie Louise (or ML), with plenty of room for my gaming table and painting desk - I tried to convince her that my Tomb Kings would look good on a shelf in the living room - but she was not convinced 8(.

Besides Warhammer, I have a modest interest in Magic (especially Magic Online - bad for the wallet, but beats playing in a small room with stinky kids anyday) and the MMORPG World of Warcraft (although I am currently pausing from that, for Civilizations IV) - I used to play Dark Age of Camelot, but now Wow has taken over. Besides that, I am also known to dwell a little on the mysteries of modern medicine. is personal website. Settra is (as I said) a one-guy-gang at the moment and I am doing all the contributing/maintanance. Sort of funny, since I'm the only one of the original guys that have no education in computers. The others are IT-geeks, technicians and what-not. started as an ambitious site for Warhammer, complete with tactics and even a forum. However, it soon became apparent that I didn't have the energy and time to keep it up. Besides, the editions changed from 5th to 6th edition, rendering much of the tactics that was already written obsolete. Too bad - It was well written. Someday I might put some of it up.

Then the site changed - instead of being a site for 'tactics and talk', I wanted to find a niché so people would remember this site - there are a lot of personal Warhammer sites out there, and since I'm not a Golden Demon-class painter (just average 'OK') my site would definately not be remembered because of the painting.

One day I was surfing the Internet for Warhammer sites, and stumbled across, a site devoted to fantasy and 40k, with two Battlemaster battlereports. They look a bit rough, but interestingly combines Flash and Java.

That site got me thinking that maybe Flash could be used for Warhammer Fantasy Battle as well - since the regiments are (mostly) moving around in an orderly fashion. I tried contacting the author of that site, but never got a reply. So I acquired my own copy of Flash from a nearby computer shop and started experimenting. The result is what you see in the 'Battle Reports' section - and I'm sure you can see some progress from the earliest report (the 1.250 points elves vs. orcs battle) to the latest - the Settra Invitational and Copenhagen Warlords Finals reports.

As I said - I have no computer education at all, so this is probably as good as it gets, until I try out newer versions of Flash.

Anyway, if you are ever in Copenhagen and looking for a game, give me a shout - or just write me and tell me what you think about the website/reports - any ideas and constructive criticism is very appreciated. I used to have a guestbook, but it was flooded with 'Empirezor Roxorz' messages. So don't send me e-mails like that, thank you very much 8).

Enjoy the site. Cheers Torben