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Last Updated 15-MAY-07

Welcome to the homepage of the Tabletop wargames group Settra - We play mainly Warhammer fantasy battle and therefore most of this site is dedicated to this Games Workshop game. There are currently pictures of armies and individual models as well as 6 battle reports - one pure fiction (meaning no armylists, maps or anything else and written in a narrative form) and 5 written as FLASH battle reports.

This web site is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited.

15/5/07 The Copenhagen Masters campaign has begun, featuring around 10 players in Copenhagen duking it out in the Island of Sartosa.

14/3/06 After a weekend of furious gaming here is the Report on the Illuminati Tix Tournament. It was a fun weekend of casual gaming - and it was a team tournament, which always add some extra spice to things.

Link on picture or here.

30/8/05 Finally a new addition to the site. I've added 'Doctor Does WTC 5' - which is the second Tournament Report I have written. It's a very relaxed tournament with a lot of fun things happening, so if you are looking for some inspiration and laughs, read all about it!

Link is on the picture or here.

12/1/05 Today I added 'Doctor Does Battlerage Ballerup' - which is the first Tournament Report I have written. No Flash is used for these, but I have tried to give some background information regarding my army composition and a comprehensive report on all the action. Hope you enjoy it.

Link is on the picture or here.

08/7/04 Finally the second Copenhagen Warlords battlereport is complete. It's the final in the second round of the league-tournament that has gotten all Copenhagen excited! It features Skaven vs. Vampire Counts and is definately worth a read!

Link is on the picture or here.

28/3/04 I added the first Settra Invitational battlereport to the site - a great 10.000 points multiplayer game, which was quite dramatic.

Either you can click on the picture to take you there, use the 'battle reports' section of the site, or you can click here.

11/1/04 Today, I got my suit of Epic Armor for my Cleric in DAOC - just thought I would celebrate him hitting lvl 50 (thursday) and getting the fabled armor (sunday - with the help of guild-mates) by putting a picture of him up on the site. See a larger picture here.

You can find me on the Excalibur european server, name is Revenante Raveneye - proud member of the Shadowlords Society guild.


6/1/04 Today, I have changed the Background and font types and colors for a more brighter, friendly looking site. The old 'Black-with-bone-colored-text' was proving a bit too dark. I hope you like it.

I have also planned to add some DAOC info (a computer game - 'Dark Age of Camelot' for the uninitiated)



The most unusual thing about this site is the Flash Battle Reports.

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